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About Us

About Us

Company Overview

La Chocoallure brings you a never before seen quality and beauty to the world of artisan chocolate. In 2010, we opened our doors to enthusiastic visitors who quickly became our loyal customers. Our Chocolates have an innovative combination of excellence in technique. Each jewel like piece of chocolate is meticulously handcrafted and designed to represent the inspiration behind each flavor. The velvety smooth Ganache is balanced in flavor and texture, leaving the different notes of cocoa and other ingredients slow dancing on your tongue. La Chocoallure uses only the freshest and finest ingredients, never artificial flavorings or preservatives.

La Chocoallure chocolates are an indulgence not to be forgotten. Their unique designs and flavor combinations will transport you to places no ordinary chocolate has ever taken you before. Every chocolate we make starts as a small batch and is finished with exquisite decoration applied by hand. They are unique confections that you first taste with your eyes, and then savior slowly –allowing the harmony of texture and flavor to intermingle and linger long after the chocolate is gone. Our flavors will take your taste buds on a trip around the world.


La Chocoallure’s USP is its focus on perfection both in design and presentation along with some ingenious pieces crafted with globally acquired techniques and the best ingredients. It offers a tailor-made array of delectable handmade selections for any occasion, be it weddings or any celebrations, one never needs a reason or season to relish the wide range of delicacies.


Perfection is not this world, they say. Perhaps not, yet that is what we aim for, because our very reason is to offer you a dream.

What to expect?

It has freeze-dried berries, and velvety ganache infused delicious truffles and chocolates available in many flavors and textures. The brand has so far introduced a selection of some exquisite flavor-coated nuts. The Rose Gold Caramelized Almonds are the most sought-after pieces in its range. It has expanded to include desserts and confectioneries and offers healthy bites of Granola mixes, dry cakes and cookies.

The brand ensures that each meticulously handmade chocolate is created from the finest quality cocoa ranging from 35% to 90% sourced from countries such as Ghana, Madagascar, Brazil and Malaysia to name a few. The array of berries is freeze-dried retaining their nutritional properties and freshness are sourced from U.S, Italy U.K and Turkey. The colored cocoa butter is imported from Belgium.

It is the pursuit to be extraordinary that keeps the ‘alluring’ magic alive in every bite!




To handcraft fine chocolates that creates wow! Experience for you, each time you taste them.

Chocolates that are Wow! To your eye and to your palate.

We will ensure that you enjoy the most succulent chocolates made with natural and delicious temptations like blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, hazelnut, and macadamia. We promise:

More Flavor
More Texture
More Finesse
More Fullness
And above all, Less Heaviness…