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Nishu Wason

 Nishu Wason is one of the pillars of strength standing tall in the making of La Chocoallure. With a strong background in the hospitality sector, she has travelled around the globe to gain experience and learn recipes to make a variety of chocolate/nuts delicacies. Nishu is trained from Callebaut Chocolate Academy Ecole School of Chocolate and Chefs from France


Shanu Wason Arora

Shanu Wason Arora being a gold medalist in interior designing and holding a Masters degree in English opted for a full-time profession in the chocolate making because of her interest in chocolate making along with her sister Nishu and a strong push by husband Amit. She did a degree course from Ecole Chocolate Academy Canada, training from Chefs of France and an intensive course from Barry Callebaut chocolate academy gave an edge to the revenue of the same.


Amit Arora


Amit Arora is the beam that supports the pillars of La Chocoallure with his technical expertise and know how from England he has given immense push to the development of La Chocoallure. He has widely travelled and explored nick and corners of the world in quest of best of foods. A vivid reader and a hope that he embarks in the team, encourages the team to soar higher and higher since last 9 years.

Amit has 18 years of experience in Food Industry and has worked in Retail, Manufacturing and Food Distribution sector in U.K. and  India . Also he is engaged in Agriculture Business and handling Cold Storage facility of 10000 MT for various goods in Punjab which are sent all across India and out of India. Please find below a details on his experiences:-

  • Food Production Management, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Diploma of Post Harvest Management from University of California, Davis, USA
  • Cold Chain Experience of more than 15 years and running warehouses of 10000 MT
  • Agriculture and Post Harvest Experience of more than 10 years.
  • Worked in Manufacturing Sector in U.K. - As Operations Manager of UKs biggest Vegetable Oil Company
  • Retail Sector in U.K. - Heading INDIAN Market for PoundStretcher having 400 stores.