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Health Benefits of Chocolate

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Health Benefits of Chocolate

We have all had our share of sweet, mouth-watering chocolate bar sometime or the other. More than a coincident, it has become a fact, that irrespective of race, age or gender, everyone likes that scrumptious beans of cocoa, blended to the right texture of milk, sugar and good flavours. The origin of chocolate dates back to over 3-4 millennial, and the genesis of chocolate can be traced to pre-Columbian culture or the Mesoamerican era. Be it Aztecs, or modern era human being, each one does savour it, in their own form of it. It wasn’t happening before the 17th century, that the sweet cacao treat, started taking the shape as we know it today. As per the etymological existence, it is the food of Gods, and why it shouldn’t be: Why should humans have all the fun!


Reading further would help you to have a stronger argument next time when somebody asks you to stop eating your favourite bar of chocolate. It isn’t just a sweet tooth quencher; it serves far more benefits than anyone could think of. It has its own share of nutritional, medicinal and aphrodisiac benefits. Although cocoa enriches the chocolate of its benefits, its percentage composition plays an important role in the dilution of those benefits to the human body.


Dark chocolate candy bars have a powerful punch due to cacao, packed with healthy chemicals like flavonoids and theobromine, which has proved to be a disease curing bullet.

Although cacao has a bitter chalky-nasty base which may never appeal to taste buds, when blended with its co-conspirators milk and sugar, it very well does, and are a good cure for a broken heart, as it is scientifically proven to help lighten the moods.

70% cacao in roasted ground form with high fat and sugar content, if consumed over a period of a week in the form of four or five dark chocolate bars, shall be sufficient to catalyse blood pressure levels and reduce the risk of a heart stroke by 39 per cent.