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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.


  1. How should La Chocoallure Chocolates be stored?
  2. La Chocoallure Chocolates can be stored at room temperature, ideally between 15-20 Celsius in a dry, odourless place away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight. It is best not to store La Chocoallure Chocolates in the refrigerator due to their very low temperature and excessive moisture which may cause chocolate to bloom.
  3. What is “Blooming”?
  4. Blooming occurs when the cocoa butter in the chocolate reacts to changes in temperature. Blooming causes the chocolate to appear dull or whitish on the surface. It can be caused by excessive heat or cold. This doesn’t affect the taste but can spoil the appearance.
  5. How long will La Chocoallure Chocolates remain fresh?
  6. La Chocoallure Chocolates will maintain their fresh taste for at least three weeks to nine months depending on the filling provided they are kept at room temperature and not exposed to adverse temperatures or humidity.


  1. Do La Chocoallure chocolates contain nuts?
  2. La Chocoallure Chocolates are produced on shared equipment that also produces products that incorporate nuts. Therefore, all La Chocoallure Chocolates products may contain nut traces.
  3. What is the difference between milk, dark and white chocolate?
  4. Dark chocolate (also known as plain or bittersweet) is made with cocoa butter and cocoa mass. Milk chocolate is made with cocoa butter, cocoa mass, butter and sugar which give it a lighter texture. White chocolate is made with cocoa butter, milk and sugar..
  5. Are La Chocoallure Chocolates suitable for vegetarians?
  6. Yes, La Chocoallure Chocolates are suitable for vegetarians.
  7. How Do I Track My Order?
  8. To track your order, call our one of our advisors on +91-181-4636180, or email us at
  9. How Do I Amend My Order?
  10. To track your order, call our one of our advisors on +91-181-4636180, or email us at
  11. How Do I Cancel An Order?
  12. To cancel an order, please submit an order cancellation form. All returns are subject to our terms and conditions. You will be notified of the progress of your cancellation once we have received the form. If you have further queries, call our one of our advisors on +91-181-4636180, or email us at
  13. What is the returns or exchange policy?
  14. We operate a ‘No Quibble’, which means that, if you wish to return an item, we will happily provide a credit store provided you fulfill our return policies. In case you do not fulfill the return policies, there is no obligation on us to provide store credit.
  15. How can I find my nearest store?
  16. You can find your nearest store by using our store locator and searching for your postcode or town.
  17. Who Will Deliver My Order?
  18. If you order using our Delivery service, your products will be delivered via the best selected carrier service chosen exclusively by us.

You can find more information on our delivery information page.

  1. How do I place an order for a business or corporate event?
  2. If you are a corporate customer, we can offer you volume discounts and other offers through our Corporate Gifting Service. You can find more about the available discounts on our corporate site: La
  3. How do I order wedding favors and stationery?
  4. We want to help make sure your special day goes as smoothly as possible, so our helpful advisors are always on hand to answer any queries you may have about our wedding range. If you need a hand arranging your wedding favours, please call our one of our advisors on +91-9056555180, or email at